Give an excellent start to your kids: A pre-primary school for comprehensive development of tiny souls.

About Us

Welcome to our TinySouls

Tiny Souls Play School is a preschool in Kailashpuri near Jagatpura railway station Malviyanagar Ext, Jaipur (Rajasthan) India. Tiny Souls Play School is a preschool having a vision for holistic development of lovely tiny souls of our lovely student’s. It provides a very cheerful, colorful, hygienic environment for the children and its mission is to provide joyful learning with play & overall comprehensive development of students to prepare them for better future.

* This school has following facilities and various activity areas:-

Facilities Our Specialty
AC Class Rooms Holistic Development
Indoor Activity Areas Colourfull, attractive & Meaning full Teaching Aids
Outdoor Activity Areas
Ball Room CCTV Monitoring
Swimming Pool Qualified & Mentors
Doll Room Monthly Medical Checkups
Birthday Celebration Area Learning with Play
Stage Activity Area Modern Learning
Zoo Area Meditation habit cultivation
Farm House Area Helpful care takers
Play Ground Guest invitee life coaches
Rest Room Kids performance activities
Loo separate for girls & boys Kids related exhibitions


Child’s overall holistic development in playful & loving environment and satisfaction of parents is our goal.

Why Tiny Souls Play School ?

  • Second home for child
  • Overall holistic development of child
  • Unmatched Management Team
  • Qualified Mentors
  • Playful learning in a joyful & hygienic environment with quality teaching aids
  • Safe and homely environment so students feel psychologically and physically safe
  • Help in finding the niche of child
  • Meditation habit cultivation
  • Health checkups monthly
  • Periodic assessment regarding various dimension of development of child - sensory, motor, fine motor, conversations, physical, psychological, social, language, numbers as per things around and various subjects like English, Hindi, Mathmetics, EVS etc.
  • Excellent Returns and Satisfaction